Saturday, July 14, 2007


Julian Tavarez' has done a 'credible' (gawd I hate that word) job as the Red Sox fifth starter. Do I really believe that? Maybe he serves as FOM (Friend of Manny) and talisman for Daisuke Matsuzaka, but throwing him out there every fifth day has become pure pain.

For the season, he is 5-7, E.R.A. of 5.15 and WHIP of 1.52. I won't argue that win-loss record accurately reflects pitching performance, but let's digress to WHYDFML (what have you done for me lately?).

In his last three starts, he has gone 14 2/3 innings, allowing 23 hits, 30 baserunners, 12 earned runs, and not surprisingly has lost all three games.

Yes, he has 'entertainment value' (wild gesticulations, bowling to first, peculiar expressions) and a great story (rags to Major League riches) but do the Sox have ANYBODY (including Jon Lester) who can pitch equally poorly or better?

Yes, Curt Schilling is mending and I'm not calling for Clay Buchholz or Devern Hansack? But Theo, for cripes sake, throw us a bone, here.

Where is Ned Martin when you need him? MERCY!

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