Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Why the Red Sox Need Kason Gabbard

Last night two American League pitchers won their second game of the season, Kason Gabbard and Roger Clemens. Clemens got most of the headlines, and reduced his cost-per-victory to about 9 million dollars. Gabbard's CPV is something closer to a very pro-rated 175,000.

Clemens, winning his 350th game, presents an imposing figure, honed by years of rigorous training (devoid of suitcase lifting however), while Gabbard looked more like a pool guy with a five o'clock shadow.

We shouldn't minimize the importance of the Gabbards of the Red Sox organization. Their success, obtained at a fraction of the cost of free agents, allows the Red Sox to 'hide' their mistakes. The promise of the Lesters, Buchholzes, and Bowdens of the world allow the Sox capital to either draft or buy Manny Ramirez version 1.1.

While we enjoy the Sox productive first half, we also look to ownership and management to develop their long-term strategic plan. And any business worth its salt, regardless of iconic and monopolistic status, must figure a way to maintain its prosperity or wither away (see Boston Celtics)...

As the newspapers go gaga over the Clemens milestone, let us not forget about the lesser luminaries who get it done on the cheap.

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