Saturday, July 28, 2007

Red Sox Randoms

Jon Lester makes his second start tonight for the Red Sox, and the Blue Jays are playing small ball with the second batter of the game.

Tim Wakefield has gone into one of his 'productive' streaks. People argue about 'streakiness' in players, and I'm one who believes that it exists. Obviously, everyone has a set 'baseline' whether it's .240 or .300...

Why do Major League players feel obligated to have facial hair? I'll agree that Youkilis' facial rug is impressive, but does everyone have to be a copycat?

Have you ever walked into a busy Dunkin' Donuts in the morning and NOT seen at least one person wearing a Red Sox hat? Not in July, baby. You've got the basic ones, the red hat, the throwback '78 hats (I hate those, it reminds me of Mike Torrez), green, and the ladies pink hats. I've got a black one with the Red Sox logo on one side of the front and the 'B' on the other side. A patient gave it to me, and it gets a lot of comments.

I read an article somewhere today arguing that New York could support a third MLB team. Isn't two enough competition already. It reminds me of our city, the second smallest city in Massachusetts. We have a CVS downtown, a Brooks/Rite Aid in another part of town, and they're building a 24 hour Walgreens across the street from Brooks. Is that really necessary? It's kind of like the Red Sox getting another DH. There are only so many at bats out there.

The Red Sox bullpen has really been outstanding. Manny Delcarmen seems to have turned his career around after fanning Sammy Sosa with the sacks drunk. As Jerry Remy would say, success breeds confidence.

Don't you love the Raymond-Wally-Remy feud? The card last night with 'P.S. you stink', to Remy really went over the top. Wally might put some itching powder in Raymond's suit. You never know.

When Curt Schilling comes back, who goes?

I'd have the power ratings these days at:


Obviously, the question becomes who leaves the rotation (Gabbard or Lester most likely), whether everyone stays healthy, who has options, and whether anybody gets moved near the trading deadline.

I still will argue that trading any of the Buchholz, Masterson, Bowden triad would be a major error. Bagwell for Andersen...Bagwell for Andersen...Bagwell for Andersen...and I know that Andersen had a 1.23 E.R.A. after coming to the Red Sox.

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El Jefe said...

I'm with you on the triad. Along with the others downstairs (Ellursby, Moss and Lowrie). I hope and pray Theo doesn't mortgage our future away. If he's to trade someone, let it be Willy Mo. Even though I still like the guy he's the only one any other GM is willing to take on due to low $$$.

We've got great pitching top to bottom. Unfortunately, one of 'em will have to go down once Schill gets back. Lester looked decent (I think he's still got location problems) and Gabbard not so hot in his last start. My gut feeling is that Lester goes down with a 1 Sep call-up.