Saturday, July 21, 2007

Officious scoring

Nitpicking. It's what we do. We question the manager's handling of the pitching staff, the reliability of the bench, the backup catcher's utility, and everything about how they select the ball attendants. How do they do that anyway? Do you have to be somebody's niece or nephew?

Guys get a reputation as a leather guy or something less. Wily Mo Pena, falling in the latter category, draws an error on a hard liner to left. Okay, maybe he should have had it. Julio Lugo makes a diving stop of a rocket, and has to rush a throw, and Youkilis can't handle it. E-6. That's BS, whoever is scoring.

Later in the game, Youkilis, riding a long errorless streak, can't handle an easier play than Lugo's and it's a hit. I'm not saying that it should have been an error, but it was an easier chance than Lugo's.

You kind of expect the benefit of the doubt at home; is that fair? Probably, a play should have a hit or an error because it merits it sui generis. If sportswriters don't give benefit of the doubt, then why should we?

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Kevin Hayward said...

Personally, I'd like the league to provide the official scoring.

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