Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Bad Karma

The Red Sox invaded Camden Yards and struck for three first inning runs, gradually frittered away. Josh Beckett seemed to have good stuff, but the O's have raked him for five runs including a towering tater to right for their classic Earl Weaveresque three-run homer.

The Sox have limped along without any key hitting as Jeremy Guthrie, last year's victim of the Mother's Day Miracle has mostly owned them. Manny made a bid for 499, but his double landed at the base of the wall.

J.D. Drew sprained his left wrist defensively and was replaced by Jacoby Ellsbury. So much for trading Coco Crisp...we need another outfielder now...with Drew dinged and Brandon Moss recovering from surgery. Is Jeff Bailey another of the immobile outfielders that can hit some that the Sox seem to breed?

The other 'obvious' fact is the broken maple bats that shear off in large shards with the potential for injury. The small-handled missiles will clearly result in an injury, and it's only a matter of time. The players like them, so they won't be banned, but will some alternative safety measure (like safety sheaths) be used. Protection, for bats.

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