Sunday, May 11, 2008

Stats You Can Live With?

Click chart to ENLARGE. AL Leaders in Adjusted OPS (I believe this includes stolen bases and is normalized for plate appearances)

You can see that the Red Sox have three players in the top 8, and Drew is at 32. David Ortiz checks in at 42, Pedroia at 44, and Varitek at 46. Lowell wouldn't have enough plate appearances to show up here, and Julio Lugo simply isn't in the top 50.

I'm certainly not claiming that the Sox brass uses this stat to make judgments, rather that it does give you another way to measure productivity.

Jeff Sagarin uses Markov Chain analysis for his ratings, and the Sox have four in the top twenty-one measured this way. For Pete's sake though, don't look at the formulas.

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