Thursday, May 01, 2008

Innovation Nation

NESN viewers get the new True View with the centerfield camera looking right down the barrel at home plate. Umpires won't be relying on the 'parallax' argument as to why viewers can't see the corners. We may not see the 'black' of the plate, but we now have a perfect view of the corners.

Early on A.J. Burnett looks healthy and tough throwing some high heat and low breaking stuff to keep the Sox off balance.

Last night's action showed some unique baseball, with consecutive plays at the plate to end the ballgame.

Don Orsillo reports about rumors about the Sox moving Spring Training to Sarasota after rumors about Fort Myers not coming through with infrastructure improvements. My sources had reported the Sox were contemplating Arizona and the Cactus League.

Jonathan Papelbon
gets a two-win season. Papelbon's career numbers, ERA 1.66, WHIP 0.92, and 213 strikeouts in 173.7 innings. Papelbon leads the AL in games finished with 12.

Meanwhile, even in retirement Roger Clemens keeps on piling up stats.

Don Orsillo gave the Sox a B- April and Jerry Remy a B+. I agree with Remy, that considering the travel, injuries, and relatively tough schedule, the Sox did very well to come out of April in first. And second place may not get you the Wild Card in the AL East anymore, particularly with the improved Rays and Jays.

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Your blog is great Ron, but no more Clemens, please! It's about baseball they're comin' to read.