Monday, May 12, 2008

Yoyo We Barely Knew Ye

Surprise, surprise. Rather than send the designated Young Guy down to Pawtucket, the Sox DFA'd Julian Tavarez. Tavarez will be remembered for his Spring Training fight and for rolling the ball over to first baseman Kevin Youkilis for an assist.

Tavarez didn't complain a lot, which makes sense when you make a king's ransom and come from humble circumstances.

Meanwhile, the Bartolo Colon watch grows with the recent struggles of some of the starters. You can never have too much pitching, eh?

Manny Ramirez deposited number 498 over the Hefty Bag in right at the HomerDome tonight, but it wasn't enough as Clay Buchholz struggled. We can only hope the Dome disappears ASAP.

News of the day. If the season had ended today, the Tampa Bay Rays would have been the Wild Card. Yikes.

If there's nobody more popular than the backup quarterback, then next in line would be the Next New Thing down in Pawtucket or Portland. Abe Alvarez. Released. Devern Hansack. An afterthought. Justin Masterson and Dustin Richardson...the New Guys in Waiting.

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