Monday, May 05, 2008

More Matsuzaka Walker Torture

Don Orsillo needs to start burning some of his candles as prayer offerings to stop Daisuke Matsuzaka's mysterious control problems. As the Sox starter pitches into the fourth inning, about 90 pitches and SEVEN walks later, the Sox lead 4-1 after four innings. Cripes, we're going to need a six man rotation, with two starters in the Matsuzaka games. If he didn't have one of the lowest opponent's batting averages, Matsuzaka would need to join the Yankee Youth in the minors.

The Sox have parlayed a pair of 2 run dingers from Mike Lowell and Kevin Youkilis into the lead, despite the walk fest. Of course, it also explains while after almost an hour and fifty minutes the game heads into the fifth. Greg Maddux has pitched entire games in less time than this.

For unknown reasons, the dirt path from home plate to the mound at Comerica Park annoys me. Frankly, I liked the old Tiger Stadium with its right field overhang and cavernous center field much better.

Let's look at some of the career active leaderboards.

Home Runs Ramirez at 7, Ortiz 29, and Lowell 62
Bases on Balls Ramirez 8, Ortiz at 36, Lowell 73
Career Wins Schilling 6, Wakefield 11, Colon 13
Strikeouts Schilling 3, Wakefield 14, Colon 19

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