Saturday, May 17, 2008

World Turned Upside Down

The Red Sox host the Brewers for a separate admission doubleheader today, making up last night's rainout.

So far (while I've watched anyway), no Gabe Kapler, but six innings worth of former Red Sox pitcher Jeff Suppan. Suppan, whose biggest Red Sox memory must be getting thrown out in a rundown in the World Series in 2004, lasted six innings and yielded four runs.

J.D. Drew is back in the lineup after spraining his wrist the other day.

The Magic Man Manny Ramirez with Gold Glove form and a high five to boot.

With Youkilis at third, Lugo at short, and Casey at first in Game I, then I'd expect Lowell, Cora, and Youkilis in the infield (with Pedroia) in Game 2. Kevin Cash will be catching Tim Wakefield and will Jacoby Ellsbury or J.D. Drew get the rest for the nightcap?

Aside from David Ortiz's homer, the best part of the game may have been Bob Uecker in the Fox booth during the fourth inning, talking about his playing days.

Daisuke Matsuzaka gave up a pair of unearned runs in 6 2/3 innings, with a home run surrendered after a Youkilis error at third.

Javier Lopez came in and walked Prince Fielder, before Manny Delcarmen came in to stop the Brew Crew for the final out of the 7th and the 8th inning.

With Clay Buchholz going on the DL with his torn fingernail, I presume that we'll see him get a couple of rehab starts, with Bartolo Colon taking his spot in the rotation. None of us will worry about having "too much pitching".

A NESN poll found that 18 percent of fans thought the Sox needed a power bat off the bench, and 82 percent said bullpen help.

  • Papelbon, had a couple of speed bumps, but the Nation isn't worried.
  • Okajima, with a wrist injury and 'inherited runner blues', moved into the Worry Zone.
  • Delcarmen, working his way out of the Confidence Doghouse. Today helped.
  • Javier Lopez, situational lefty.
  • David Aardsma, amazing success with poor control. Moving up the totem pole.
  • Craig Hansen. Trick or treat?
  • Mike Timlin, ERA 9, WHIP 2, K/BB 0.7. Figures lie or liars figure?

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