Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Bird Man of Indiana

I have to confess that I spent more time watching the Celtics than the Sox last night, suffering through the pain of the isolation game and shot selection from hell. Have to offer props to Marcus Banks and to Delonte West for playing very hard on defense. Will Thursday be the last of the Antoine Walker reappearance? Walker's presence may have helped this year but Mr. Jefferson needs those minutes.

Dig Doug. Mirabelli continues to make his cameos count, with the grand/slam game winner off Sox castoff Mike Maroth (he of the Bruce Chen, Abe Alvarez, Frank Tanana the Elder school of soft tossers). Manny, go see the team doctor to check to see whether you got a hernia from swinging so hard.

Short Stop Sign. Edgar, your wakeup call has arrived. You can start playing shortstop any day now.

Nixon's Got One. Good idea to take a couple of days off now.

Pen Pals. Timlin continued to excel, and Foulke was adequate. They need a new category of save to describe his work lately. BUT, it's getting better.

Minor adjustments. The Sea Dogs lost 5-3 at New Britain, but David Pauley had a good outing with six innings, one run and no walks. Dustin 'I get no respect' Pedroia had another three hits, raising his average to .337 and taking the lead in the 2006 second base derby.

Double A is the 'launching pad' and Triple A the taxi squad in contemporary major league baseball.

Steroid happenings? Are those 'supplements' mislabeled as 'performance enhancing' vitamins confusing Latin players who have been caught more thus far at cheating? Or do they lack the access to get the premium/high test agents and masking agents?

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