Saturday, May 14, 2005

Throw Deep (L14-7) Season 21-14

The Red Sox weren't able to pull out the victory last night, failing to execute the two-minute drill properly, winding up losers by a touchdown to the Seahawks, er, Mariners at Safeco Field.

Jeremi Gonzalez mediocre effort led to more bullpen carnage under the direction of John Halama and Cla Meredith. On the bright side, Keith Foulke kept the humiliation to a minimum.

Johnny Damon had two hits to keep his streak alive.

Asked to comment about the game, Yogi Berra would have offered up, Little League baseball is a very good thing because it keeps the parents off the streets.

Statistical ramblings. Despite the 'sense' that the Sox aren't knocking the cover off the ball, they are tied with the Yankees for first in the AL in runs, second, in OPS (.813), first in combined doubles and triples (which correlates best with runs scored), first in OBP and second in Slugging, behind the Orioles.

They are third in wins, 9th in WHIP, 6th in K/BB ratio, 8th in ERA and 12 in opponents OPS. They are third in K/BB ratio as starters and third in ERA as starters. They are 12th in K/BB as relievers and 13th in ERA as relievers.

It's pretty obvious that Master Theo will be scouring the waiver wire and the minors for relief pitching, the area that Peter Gammons reports has suffered most in the steroid clampdown era. Alternatively, if and when Schilling and Wells return, the issue will be how to strengthen the bullpen, a solution that can't include Bronson Arroyo.

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