Sunday, May 22, 2005

Statistical Update AL Pennant Chase

From the redoubtable Conor Sen and his magical computer:

"If history is any indication, the White Sox have already locked up aplayoff spot. Here are the 11 teams that have won at least 31 of theirfirst 43 games in the 162-game era:

1970 Reds (won 102 games)
1974 Dodgers (won 102 games)
1976 Phillies (won 101 games)
1977 Dodgers (won 98 games)
1984 Tigers (won 104 games)
1986 Mets (won 108 games)
1988 Mets (won 100 games)
1990 Reds (won 91 games)
1998 Braves (won 106 games)
1998 Yankees (won 114 games)
2001 Mariners (won 116 games)

Four of the eleven won the World Series, seven of the eleven made theWorld Series, and ALL made their respective League Championship Series.It's pretty incredible that Minnesota, Baltimore, Boston, and New Yorkcould be playing for two playoff spots, but that appears to be the case.

With Toronto poised for an 80-90 win season, creating a four-headedmonster in the AL East, Minnesota is in the driver's seat to grab the wildcard. If Baltimore's starting pitching holds up we could be looking atthe first postseason without the Red Sox and Yankees since 1993."

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