Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Old Irish Expression

My mother used to have an expression, "let's you and him fight," the implication that there's nothing better than seeing a little set-to, as a bystander, of course.

Today at www.bostondirtdogs.com I have a column that brings out that spirit in people. There's nothing wrong with actually showing some respect to someone who's filling an entertainment niche, with as he might put it, 'funny pictures and two-bit headlines'. Does that deserve any credit in this town? Everybody has to judge for themselves.

Boston has the reputation for being a great sports town. No doubt that sports radio and a lot of talented print journalists (Chris Snow being the latest terrific addition) advance that agenda. Everyone doesn't have to agree about everything; the truth has a way of playing itself out over the long pull.

I'm an avid sports talk show listener, but I take everything in perspective; ergo the joke about doctors, just people doing a tough job, not visitors from Olympus. The 1000 or so players in MLB are the best at what they do, even though they strike out, throw to the wrong base, and even forget how many outs there are. As fans we expect maximum effort and concentration; that doesn't guarantee winning or even excellence.

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