Tuesday, May 17, 2005

It could be a lot worse

Prior to 1967 (most of those reading probably have no recollection of those dark days), the Red Sox held far less fascination for both fans and media. Mostly they were amusing losers, held back in part by racism (Willie Mays wasn't good enough to play for Boston?), and by mediocre pitching.

After the miracle 9th place to pennant turnaround in the Impossible Dream season, the Sox have generally been competitive, although not always on any championship cusp.

Although the Sox don't have the All-Star power of let's say the Yankees, they have a number of All-Star players, and even the reserves have more talent than that on a lot of Sox teams. Which brings me to my point...what is the worst lineup that one could field with some former Red Sox luminaries (career stats only, please). I can't guarantee the All-Futility team, but I'll give it a try, and no cheating. Average, on base percentage, slugging percentage.

C - Marc Sullivan .186/.236/.258 (it's who you know that counts)

1B - Norm Siebern .272/.369/.423 (had some good years with KC, but his Red Sox tenure was a stinker, especially for a corner position)

2B - Doug Griffin .245/.299/.299 (he could hit Nolan Ryan though, but unfortunately Ryan knew that and beaned him)

SS - Luis Rivera .233/.291/.333 (mediocre defensively, too)

3B - Joe Foy .248/.351/.372 (played on the '67 team, though)

OF - Gary Geiger .246/.337/.394 (better than I remember)

OF - Rick Miller .267/.346/.350 (15 years in the majors!)

OF - Jose Tartabull .263/.301/.320 (2 homers in 9 seasons, threw out Ken Berry at home in the 1967 season in a walkoff outfield assist

U- John Kennedy .225/.281/.323 (inside-the-park homer at Fenway)

U - Steve Lyons .252/.302/.340 (best known for pulling his pants down after a slide, and getting thrown out at third to end a game as I vaguely recall; became a credible network announcer)

P - Win Remmerswall 5.50/65 hits in 56 innings- (why couldn't we get Blyleven instead)

P - Matt Young 4.40, career 55-95; (had an eight inning no-hitter, that didn't count, and couldn't throw to bases in some form of 'Steve Blass disease')

Anybody remember these guys? Worse?

So when we whine and kvetch, remember the 'good old days'.

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