Saturday, May 21, 2005

Special Pain

Losing exerts regular pain, but losing on a damp, cold, rainy night inflicts a special pain. Dan Shaughnessy's article suggesting we lose the Sox-Braves 'natural rivalry' struck a chord long before this game.

It started off with enough promise, Trot Nixon making a couple of terrific plays, one faintly reminiscent of the 1975 Dwight Evans Game 6 game saving grab off Joe Morgan (okay, so the drama is about 3 percent of that). However, the Sox made the Braves rookie pitcher look like the second coming of Catfish Hunter.

Worse still, the infield defense reminds us that the remake of the Bad News Bears soon will be upon us.

Occasional panoramic stadium views reveal the extent of the addiction known as Red Sox Nation. On an evening fit mostly for otters and waterfowl, the faithful mostly remain entrenched in their seats.

The Sox started their traditional tease here in the seventh pushing across a couple of runs, only to have a Furcal 6-3 doubleplay erase the threat. The tone of the game threatens the third touchdown loss in a week.

Meanwhile, the New Millenium Miracle Mets dominated the Mets and Randy Johnson at Shea, with the immortal Miguel Cairo taking RJ deep into the bleachers AFTER the Mets pitcher had scored from second on a sacrifice bunt, not seen since Tom Berenger in Major League. Not to get technical, but the replay showed he was clearly out.

The Mets (23-20) have a better record than the Yankees (22-21) at this point. Although we have to expect RJ to come around, a 4-3, 3.94 record at this point surprises even the most pessimistic Yankee fans. The 60 hits and 55 strikeouts in 64 innings (less than 8 per nine innings) merely astonishes. Wonder if the NY media will be looking for blood in the water?

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