Thursday, May 26, 2005

Prozac Nation.

"If a cow can't eat it, then you shouldn't play baseball on it."

The Sox have owned the Blue Jays the past few years, but the Jays are taking it to the locals again, courtesy of Wade Miller's first blow up and yet another episode of 'Power Outage'. The Big Dogs just haven't gotten off the porch.

Tuesday's disheartening walkoff loss, led to yesterday's dope-slapping as Bronson Arroyo couldn't recover his pre-suspension form, and today's outing hasn't gotten any better.

As mentioned a few days ago, my son put forth a strong argument why the Wild Card will go to the Central Division this season, as the AL East teams kill each other off, with much improved Baltimore and Toronto making 95 wins for a second place team very unlikely.

The Sox had better get in gear pretty quickly, facing the Yankees and Orioles, or they could be running uphill for quite awhile.

Farming for dollars. Portland is getting rained out for the third night in a row, so the Sox best prospect are literally hanging out to dry, and Wilmington got three excellent relief innings from Kyle Bono to win last night in High A.


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