Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Blog Radio

Periodically, someone is moved to respond pro or con to an opinion. That's great. I have been wrong, may be wrong, and will again be wrong in the future. Your opinion counts just as much as mine, except of course, concerning faith and morals (pitching)...just kidding.

If Jim Rome, or talk radio hosts say something ludicrous, false, plain wrong, or biased, then half the time it becomes gospel. In a word, NOT. The lowliest 12 year-old has the right to his opinion. If Larry Bigbie is the kid's favorite 'great' player, that doesn't demean Willie Mays or Roberto Clemente, the kid just likes Larry Bigbie.

If you wanted my opinion on the stock market, the defense budget, Sudan, or asparagus, you wouldn't come for it here. Just because I have an opinion about some Red Sox or MLB issue doesn't make it so. Have an opinion, your version of reality. But don't beat yourself up about an opinion, there will always be someone else to do it for you.

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Anonymous said...

Opinions are opinions and perspective is perspective. I appreciate your perspectives as they make me see other sides of an issue. You don't come across as opinionated, however, you are entitled to yours.

Please keep the great stuff coming!