Sunday, July 10, 2005

Let 'er Rip

According to ESPN (about the only thing left free with all the columnists going pay site), Kenny Rogers plans to attend the All-Star game in Detroit.

Okay, so Mr. Rogers has pitched very well in the neighborhood. Also he was voted in by the players. So let's all just smile, put on a happy face, and Kenny can enjoy the atmosphere, the adulation, the charisma attendant at the Mid-season classic.

Hell, no! Mr. Rogers is no ambassador of good will, rather a talented, spoiled, unprofessional, and boorish self-absorbed jerk who felt compelled to attack cameramen, TWICE. That merits not only a suspension but censure from baseball's showcase of stars. Players shouldn't be rewarded for being (frankly) jerks. Whether he realizes it or not, he is a role model.

So Bud Selig, do the right thing, and suspend Mr. Rogers from the All-Star Classic. Oh great and powerful wizard, just do it.

Fat chance.

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Steve Wright said...

Love your blog Doc but not in agree with the thoughts on messr. Rogers. No doubt he's a whining, self-congratulating hissy-fitter, but that covers the entirety of both the Natl/Amer League squads. Should Rogers be dinged because his tirade was untimely? Maybe so, but it'd be tough to straight-face blacklisting him and not the pantheon of others who have mis-stepped during less-obvious periods.

Keep writing--love your stuff.