Friday, July 01, 2005

More thoughts from Ron = MO-RON

So many thoughts, so little time.

Does anybody remember no ear flaps on batting helmets, or the inside 'helmet', on guys like Bob Montgomery, he of the train sets?

Do they ever use the 'donut' on bats, anymore, or is it all 'leaded bats'?

Do corked bats produce a physics-based advantage? Bill Nye the Science Guy wrote an article saying they don't?

Does Keith Foulke speak Spanish? If he does, maybe he shouldn't ever play in the Mexican League. I always want to call him Rich Foulke, but then again, maybe that's because I worked at more than one burger joint, including 'Full of Bull'. Really.

Maybe Kenny Rogers should have kept the singing gig. Guess we won't be seeing Mr. Rogers at the All-Star Game either. Did he have an All-Star bonus clause?

Larry Hisle.

If Bill Lee worked the grounds crew, would first base be 'Cannabis Alley'?(heard that one from Mike Adams).

The Remdawg must be cleaning up on all these promos, from the website, to the restaurant, to the All-Star Party...

When I go to the dentist I think of Jim Lonborg...I bet the drilling and cleaning still hurts there, too.

Why is it that nobody 'chokes up' anymore? Chicks dig the long ball? Looks like Reed Johnson chokes up. Looks like Mike Myers just 'choked up." Big time.

Some announcer said the other day that Terry Francona wears the pullover because he gets cold because he takes blood thinners. He may get cold, but not from the warfarin. Did you know that warfarin is rat poison?

You can't blame Keith Foulke for holding out for the truck. After all, it's hard to afford a good vehicle, especially at about 150,000 a save, give or take a few pesos. Plus, he has 'issues'.

The Sox used to own the Blue Jays. Not anymore. Maybe it's just Ted Lilly.

Do you think Eck could still run it up there with as much velocity as Foulke? Maybe Jeff Reardon?

I'd like to be able to write like Bill Simmons...even for a minute.

If you could get the best player in the game, who happened to be the worst guy in the league, an absolute clubhouse nightmare, would it be worth it?

'Twas good to see Dave McCarty on the broadcast before the game. He looks like he could still well as Millar.

Who's the best player in baseball and is he an untouchable? Who is untouchable although he isn't the best player?

Yeah, who am I to criticize? I never came close to making it, even with a high school tryout with the Reds. Did any of these guys get a tryout for medical school?

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