Saturday, July 23, 2005


Well, back from a cruise and the Sox, playing mediocre baseball, remain in first place, thanks to the remaining mediocrity in the division.

Of course, were I to go to Fenway, I'd need a program, because Bellhorn is on the DL, Alan Embree (reputedly a very good guy) is gone and Kevin Youkilis is subjected to the Coach Boone 'up-downs'. Tony Graffanino is here, and so is Adam Hyzdu (why?), and Kapler is at Lowell.

Meanwhile, Papelbon had another dominant performance at Pawtucket (in a Gibsonian 1-0 loss) and Jon Lester has his start 'skipped' to rest and to work on mechanics. Please Theo, do not even consider trading the organization's one power LHP prospect.

Schilling is in the pen, or is he back in the rotation, and we're talking about trading Arroyo for A.J. Burnett, another soon-to-be mercenary on the free agent market.

Hanley Ramirez is playing second, and Pedroia has been bitten by the injury bug and AAA pitching.

Is Manny DelCarmen the next piece?

Time to let the smoke clear before we trade away something else for rent-a-players.

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