Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Printing Front to Back

The Red Sox brain trust reconstructed the rotation in 2004, getting a frontline starter (Schilling) and a back of the game finisher (Foulke), parlaying the results into a championship. Unfortunately, the injury bug bit both, and neither have approached last season's effectiveness.

Today, the Sox attempt to make the first last, moving Curt Schilling into the closer role, while we are told Keith Foulke will undergo knee surgery to correct a knee problem (? meniscus tear, loose bodies). Schilling's struggles in the minors may not be as magnified as closer (facing hitters once), while he brings his competitive fire and control to the bullpen.

We can only hope the best for Foulke, last year's deserving Series hero AND a guy in whom the Red Sox have a big investment going forward.

This probably diminishes a chance for either of the Jons (Papelbon or Lester - last night 7 shutout innings, 12 strikeouts) in the pen, but may increase their chance elsewhere.

The possible biggest loser in the shuffle- Craig Hansen. Surely Scott Boras has been massaging Theo Epstein's closer 'panic button' and now Scott's next call won't be answered 'Boston Red Sox, it's eleven o'clock, do you know where your closer is?"

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