Tuesday, April 11, 2006


No word on the blister watch, but the Sox and Josh Beckett (2-0), did some more bird-hunting today, plucking the Jays 5-3. Beckett gave up a run in seven innings, followed by a good enough effort by Foulke (vide infra), and a shutdown close from Jonathan 'Money' Papelbon (S4).

Foulke was victimized by Wily Mo Pena's inexperience in right, as the ball tipped off Pena's glove for a two-run homer. Pena was in there because Trot Nixon tweaked a muscle. Legalize steroids! Oh, sorry about that.

The Sox used the offense of a thousand paper cuts to get four runs in the second, and David Ortiz celebrated gazillionaire status by going deep into the rightfield grandstand.

The Sox starting pitching continues to shine, with David Wells hoping to fatten up on the Blue Jay lineup. Maybe not a good choice of words. Wells looks to add onto last year's fifteen victories, so it's no laughing matter.

The Sox played errorless ball for the fifth time in seven games. Kevin Youkilis raised his average to .412 with a pair of hits from the leadoff spot and Adam Stern had a pair of RBI and a stolen base in his understudy role for Coco Crisp. And Mike Lowell, the 9 million dollar throw-in with Josh Beckett had four hits including three doubles.

A home opener victory, 61 degrees, 35,491 or so satisfied customers, and six wins in seven outings. Blistering. Now if we can only keep Tranquility Base operational.

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