Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Hearts not Fluttering

Last night looked more like Texas as usual, as the Rangers pounded Tim Wakefield and the Sox. About the only one who looked happy to see Wake go, was Josh Bard, who looked like he was trying to eat soup with a fork. Maybe Wakefield had a great knuckler, or maybe Bard's going to be looking for a new line of work.

All too often, people dispel the notion of 'quality starts' as having importance. Last night it was the Texans who had the QS, and in the two game series, the QS has a 4-0 record. Academic reseach (really) shows that the QS results in a winning outcome in about 70% of games.

As feared, the Sox saw a new pitcher (Vicente Padilla) from the National League, and didn't do much with him, either. Of course, with some former NLers in the lineup, how new was he.

About the only positive from the debacle, was the opportunity to watch an absolutely terrific Womens Hoop Championship as Maryland squeaked past Duke 78-75 in OT. The Maryland point guard buried a stepback trey over Duke's 6'7" center with six seconds to go to send the game into overtime.

The Yankees kept pace with the Sox dropping a 4-3 decision at Oakland.

Tonight the Sox unveil Peter Gammons' preseason Cy Young pick, Josh Beckett whom we hope has a blistering fastball, and no blisters.

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