Thursday, April 06, 2006

Standup Guys

Even in Red Sox Nation, enemy agents not only exist, but boast about it. Sometimes. After a hated Yankee win, like their opening day massacre of Oakland, the hated Yankee partisans wax eloquent about their great lineup, about how 'RJ is back'.

After the Sox' loss Tuesday, it was all about 'Wakefield's lost it' and 'Josh Bard couldn't catch a cold.'

Even after a close loss, like Tuesday's Proctorology Job on the Bombers, they noted that 'Moose looked like a kid again'. Translation: Mike Mussina didn't stink up the joint like last year. But after last night's debacle by the bay, starring Jaret 'Mister' Wright, the hated Yankee apologists were nowhere in sight. Heck, it was easier to get Alfonso Soriano into the Nats' outfield than draw the Bummed Bomber Boosters into the open.

I mean, really. Normally, the hated Yankee-NY football Giant crew will be out lambasting the umpires-officials, the weather conditions, or the phase of the moon, but they're already gone Executive Privilege on us.

Sox fans of yesteryear have suffered through a lifetime of disappointment, expunged through the Cardinal Catharsis of 2004. We know how to take a bullet. But there are children in elementary school who have never seen a Bomber championship. Maybe they've doubled the numbers of school nurses in New Yawk, to help the kids adjust to the trauma.

Sure the Bronxers have a most potent lineup, even 'juiced' you might say, enhanced by Johnny 'Samson' Damon, and their pitching staff has as many question marks as the Riddlers suit. Both pitching staffs most important card isn't the 'Ace' but rather their insurance card, with Jaret Wright and Carl Pavano looking as though they belong on the Sandy Alomar Memorial Disabled List.

All we can ask is for a little 'standup guy' action. Take your medicine. We've been there and done that. Or maybe they're just tired from starting the season on the Left Coast.

P.S. To the NESN folks - Maybe you need a warning concerning Josh Beckett, "to our hearing impaired listeners who can read lips, any opinions expressed by Josh Beckett do not reflect the opinions of our announcers or any of our station personnel."

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