Sunday, April 16, 2006


The Sox lost to the Mariners 3-0 Saturday, as Joel Piniero looked like Juan Marichal against the punchless Sox. Highlights? Tim Wakefield allowed 3 runs in pitching a complete game, and Jermaine Van Buren, up from the Pawsox with David Wells headed back to the DL. Just one of those days. The absence of Coco Crisp and Trot Nixon has surfaced, along with Manny being Manny Alexander so far.

Wells trip to the DL comes as no surprise, after during his initial outing he failed to break glass with his fastball. And we wonder why Theo couldn't move him during Spring Training. At least Wells' incentives must be giving him plenty of motivation.

It's back to Beckett today, for the rubber game of the series. So far, it's been "Beckett and Schilling and the rest aren't so thrilling", although Wakefield has been decent. Who gets the number 5 spot in the rotation? DiNardon't?

Papelbon (we hope) is destined to be our number three starter (technically number 4) and we can only hope that Foulke, or somebody else from the committee can step up, with Hansen and Delcarmen with electric stuff and short on experience.

The Pawsox lost to Charlotte 7-4, as Jon Lester got roughed up for a couple of homers and 5 runs in two innings. I guess he still hasn't found his release point. Portland beat Binghamton behind a pair of Alberto Concepcion dingers. Craig Hansen had three strikeouts in relief. Wilmington also won, with strong middle relief from Kyle Jackson. Whoop-de-damn-do...

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Anonymous said...

the red sox have played 10 games and our manager fells that soome players need some rest----what is it with this guy----last year with the sox in new york with a chance to put the yankees away on a sunday game in september our manager thinks it is a good idea to rest ortiz and what happens sox lose to yanks 1-0---wakefield pitched that day also-----any of those talk show "bozo's in boston noticing what renteria is doing in atlanta????????