Thursday, April 27, 2006

Who's Hot, Who's Not

Who's Hot

Papelbon - lights out
Ortiz - no contract Orfizzle here
Foulke - having fun again

Who's Not

Man do we need Coco?
Loretta - needs home cooking?
Bard - "methinks thou dost protest too much", not the answer
Wakefield - run support and catching support


Wily Mo is a lot better than you think
Tavarez may be better than I think
Seanez may be worse than I think
Most underutilized player? Alex Cora

1 comment:

tman said...

Pitching and defense is a great cliche when you have a good offense. Look what happens when the staff lets up some runs - we don't have the horses to catch up. BALANCE - BALANCE - BALANCE is the target instead of just "pitching and defense". Theo forgot to build a bench.

Wake will never win as long as Tito rolls out JV lineups behind him. Pena, Mohr, Bard, Gonzalez...UGH!

Watching Bard is like watching Little League catchers.

Good news - we should do well in interleague road games since we have an NL lineup - Gonzalez is like a pitcher hitting. Does not make productive outs.