Monday, May 22, 2006

Big Schill Delivers a Big Chill

People talk about Schilling's legendary game plan, and tonight he evidenced it. In addition to prohibiting the Bombers a base on balls, Schilling masterfully used both sides of the plate, and worked the fastball up and the splitter down. Hitters like to get ahead and look for their pitch in a certain zone (righthanders generally middle in/knees to the waist). Schilling simply forbade them the opportunity.

Meanwhile, the Big Dogs, Ortiz and Ramirez each delivered three RBI, and the visitors outfield defense wasn't the greatest either, as they failed to come up with some tough chances.

Alex Cora had a nice game filling in at shortstop; Cora just does the little things that help you win.

About the only downer was Keith Foulke coming in to do a B.K. Kim imitation against the Pinstripes. He refused them even a Pyrrhic victory, but allowing them some ego reinforcement during a ninth inning in which A-Rod and Posada both left the yard.

Other good news was that Coco Crisp was back doing 'baseball activities', running and taking hitting practice before heading out soon to a destination to be named later for rehab.

Willie Mo Pena had the night off nursing a hand injury.

On balance, Francona's decision to sacrifice Lenny DiNardo to the Phillies yesterday paid off, as victory delayed was not victory denied.

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