Sunday, May 21, 2006

De Nada, DiNardo

Sox fans haven't had a lot to complain about, but the fifth starter position surely qualifies. Let's go to the statistics.

Lenny DiNardo

IP 25 H 40 R 21 HR 4 K 15 BB 12 WHIP 2.05 Opp. Ave .367

Astonishingly high WHIP
Extremely low K.BB ratio (predicts ERA)
Astronomical Opponents average

I'm sure that Lenny DiNardo is a wonderful guy. But let's face it, he's not in a slump, he defines it right now. Success for the soft-tossing, crafty pitcher means incredible control and command, with the ability to disrupt hitters' timing. If DiNardo had no options, I'd simply argue for putting him into the 'long man' role, until he either proves serviceable or just designate him for assignment.

Abe Alvarez gave me a little more hope, as he seemed 'sneaky', but a pair of homers by lefties Howard and Abreu wasn't confidence inspiring. When you max out on the gun at 84, you better be throwing it over a gum-wrapper strike zone, as Satchel Paige could.

A terrific road trip overall at 4-2, and lessons confirmed for Terry Francona: DiNardon't Do It.

Time for some home cooking, and the Bombers.

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