Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Team Effort

Where's Rick Pitino when you need him? Just when we need some negativity to keep our aspirations in check, the Sox settle down to pluck the Baltimoreans at Camden, 6-5.

Most underappreciated Red Sox player currently? Mike Timlin, with a Gibsonesque E.R.A., still going strong after all these years. Papelbon, with another Solsbury Hill save, BOOM-BOOM-BOOM, I've come to take you home.

The Sox with another solid defensive effort, led by Alex Gonzalez, who can play short for me any day, even challenging the Mendoza Line.

Doctor Longball was in the house early, with taters by Manny and Nixon, although unfortunately Curt Schilling gave up three of his own. Is this pitch count hangover from the 133-pitch effort a few weeks ago? Baseball science argues that 'pitcher abuse' occurs as escalating pitch counts by each additional ten over one hundred. Of course, some of those 'abused' pitchers (the Yankees prime culprits) have kept on going.

Contributions from virtually everyone in the lineup, with an expected finding of four Sox regulars in the top 25 of OPS for players with at least 75 at bats, with Lowell, Manny, and Papi all in the top 20, and WILY MO at 25. Coyote beautiful.

Meanwhile, David Pauley had six shutout innings for the SeaDogs, as he is trying to emerge as a starting contender for the future. Edgar Martinez had 2.1 scoreless for the Dogs as well, lowering his ERA to 1.40.

Tomorrow it's Wakefield against Bedard, as fortunately a road trip spared the Sox from Rainout City.

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