Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Bronx Cheer

The Red Sox invaded 'The House That Ruth Built' to take on the more mercenary menagerie with Josh Beckett facing Randy Johnson. Beckett got better defense and run support, while Johnson was victimized by A-Rod and Melky Cabrera whose key errors led to 5 Sox unearned runs and a quick 7-2 lead.

Doctor Longball showed up first in the person of Jason Giambi (looking pretty buff absent steroids -what's up, BALCO boy?) although later A-Gone, the Sox shortstop showed some pop driving an Aaron Small offering deep into the leftfield bleachers.

The local faithful seemed none too happy, ushering RJ off to a chorus of boos, and howling mercilessly at Cabrera after his drop of Manny Ramirez's windblow pop to right. Evidently the fans must have been disappointed at the cancellation of 'Battery Night', as they lost the opportunity to pelt the opposition, or the home team with the souvenirs.

Things you never see. J.T. Snow and Willie Harris both had ninth inning singles for the Sox. This last occurred just before the last ivory-billed woodpecker sighting.

Mark Loretta hit a 3-0 Randy Johnson 'cripple' for a two run double sparking the Red Sox second rally. Lip readers undoubtedly were treated to a string of RJ expletives after the Sox lit up the lanky lefty.

Rudy Seanez comes in to face the locals with a 14-3 lead into the last of the ninth. Matsui promptly took him to the track only to fall short. With time running out, it's doubtful that the New Yawkers can come up with two touchdowns against the stingy Sox defense.

The Saga of Wily Mo. Wily Mo's legend grows as the Sox talisman played all three outfield positions and made a sterling running grab of a Jeter smash into the gap in the eighth inning. This occurred following a ridiculous 'purpose pitch' by Foulke after Nixon was unintentionally hit by Ron Villone in the eighth. At this point in his evolution, Foulke needs to get outs, not revenge.

Wily Mo picked up two more hits, neither of which went 90 feet, on infield tappers. When you're hot, you're hot.

Banter from the Booth. In addition to their gratitude for diminished cab competition, Don Orsillo and Jerry Remy shared their insight into NYC transportation. Earlier, they showed their devotion to Derek Jeter, the second best shortstop on the locals.

Reign delay. The PawSox and the SeaDogs both got rained out, another development day postponed by Mother Nature.

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