Friday, May 26, 2006

Coming and Going?

In an inauspicious development, the Sox faced Sox-killer Scott Kazmir, winner of the second most games in the majors since the All-Star break of last season. Kazmir, whom the D-Rays got for Victor Zambrano in the heist of the century, has caused the Sox immense problems. But not tonight. The Sox knocked him out in the sixth, following a bases-clearing double by David Ortiz and a two-run Monstah Mash by Mike Lowell in the sixth.

Unfortunately for the Sox, the Yin of David Wells return, 4 1/3 innings of one-run ball, was met by the Yang, a liner off of his right knee, called a 'deep contusion' (that's medical for a bone bruise). Julian Tavarez relieved and continues to improve his effectiveness, as most of the hits he yielded were the 'seeing-eye' variety.

Unfortunately, the Sox had to bring in 'The Mask' Jonathan Papelbon to finish, but he did, lowering his E.R.A. to 0.36.

Dustan (The Wind) Mohr heads back to Pawtucket, Coco Crisp is on rehab in Florida and headed to AAA, and Abe Alvarez got lit up in his return to the PawSox. David Murphy was promoted to AAA today and promptly homered.

Baseball has an affinity for body parts. You have 'rabbit eared' umpires, hitters with 'good eyes', and hitters with quick wrists. You have pitchers with big 'legs' who throw 'chin music'. Tonight was the first night I've seen a catcher with painted fingernails.

To be effective pitchers and hitters have to keep the front shoulder in.

You hit with quick hands and a 'quiet' head.

The good double play combos rely on fancy footwork, and of course have soft hands.

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