Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Just Got Beat

We shouldn't try to read too much into a game (or two), but on the other hand we shouldn't ignore reality either. If pitching and defense win games, then lack of pitching surely compromise that chance.

As far as available, reliable pitchers, the Sox are down to Schilling, Beckett, Wakefield, Papelbon, and Foulke.

In the inconsistent at best category live Clement, Tavarez, and Seanez.

In the unknown commodity category we have Pauley (starting tomorrow), Delcarmen, and VanBuren.

In the don't inspire confidence, 'Help Me Rhonda' club is David Riske, who has better stuff than results so far.

In the 'oh, oh, old and health challenged locker are David Wells and Mike Timlin.

In the 'can't break glass' rubric live Abe Alvarez and Lenny DiNardo.

And finally, in the PawSox Promise dumper are Jon Lester and Craig Hansen.

As a Sox fan, I want to see guys who can get people out through overpowering stuff, command, and 'discomfort'. I don't want guys digging in like they're contractors. I want a little fear in their minds.

A little healthy wildness is a useful attribute...I don't mean throwing at people, just not entirely sure where it's going, and with something on it. Sure, I'd like Bob Gibson, but he's not walking in that door.

Remy was right tonight about the impact of losing Timlin creating confusion and uncertainty. And don't blame Francona. He can only throw out there whoever he has rested.

This is what I envision for the near future:

1) Schlling
2) Beckett
3) Wakefield
4) Wells
5) Tryout camp...with Pauley, Hansen, and Lester in that order getting the chances.

6) Papelbon (it's not broken, so don't fix it)
7) Foulke (another option to try as a starter)
8) Tavarez
9) Seanez
10) Van Buren
11) Delcarmen (has potential to be a lot more valuable than some)
12) Riske (a couple more stinkers and we're looking at Riske as permanent mopup or worse.

Clement to DL

The other option is to try Wakefield every fourth day and work the rotation around him (that's the desperation strategy).

Clemens isn't coming either, so just fuggedaboutit.

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