Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Game 4: In Game Blog

Probably the most frustrating part of watching major league hitters against Paul Byrd is the feeling that says, "you can't hit THAT?" Byrd, the right-handed Jamie Moyer, throws rotten grapefruit up to the plate. Worse yet is the double pump delivery that he occasionally uses.

Intellectually, I wanted Terry Francona to shake up the lineup, because a number of players aren't doing anything, not for lack of effort, just baseball. Inserting Ellsbury and Cora for Drew and Lugo might have been harsh on management ego, but you've also got Mirabelli's diminished offense in the lineup with Wakefield pitching.

They've just shown some fairly unorthodox grips from Byrd, but what would surprise you now?

A keen sense of the obvious says this is what Sox fans feared most, offensive doldrums in the postseason. Nobody would confuse Westbrook and Byrd with top of the rotation pitching, but timing counts. Even bottom of the rotation pitchers have quality starts, occasionally...been there and done that at lower levels.

Does Fox care who goes to the World Series? Somehow, a Cleveland-Colorado Classic doesn't contain anyone to root AGAINST. At least New Yorkers could watch to hope to see the Sox fold on the big stage.

I wrote to the object of 'The Curse' today, the postseason malady imposed upon the Yankees in 2001 by a fired employee that has resulted in a 7 year 'pitch' for the Bombers. No reply yet.

Casey Blake (why did I think he reminded me of Aaron Boone) just deposited a Wakefield offering over the leftfield wall. Tant pis! Now add a hit and a hit batsman, and it's time for bullpen action, and some stall ball.

Pitching or not, the Sox have to generate some offense...or it won't matter.

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