Monday, October 29, 2007

Of Coronations and Other Things

Most Sox fans are in more of a state of exhaustion than exhilaration, only because of the lateness of the hour. And whining about much of anything smacks of just plain negativity. We CAN enjoy the moment. Here are a few thoughts, I hope mostly positive.

  • Can Terry Francona get enough credit for what he has done?
  • Will people get off of Theo's back?
  • The most exciting aspect for those of us old enough to remember is player development...the exciting young players, from Ellsbury, to Youkilis and Pedroia
  • I'm happy for Lugo, who looked like he needed suicide watch earlier in the year, and turns out celebrating hitting over .300 in the Series, and playing pretty good defense overall
  • A weight came off J.D. Drew's shoulders
  • Papelbon...nerves of steel, or just none at all
  • Great moment for Jon Lester
  • Will Lowell 'settle' for something like three and 36?
  • Okajima needs the rest
  • How excited is Japan?
  • Would adding another Japanese pitcher help the whole comfort thing?
  • Kudos to Varitek. The dirtiest dirt dog.
  • DeMarlo Hale went unnoticed.
  • I'm not jealous of the hair, Manny, but can you fix the running thing?
  • Does Matsuzaka's translator get a full share, a half share, or caddy fees?
  • Does the whole Boras attempt to upstage the Red Sox/Rockies series merit a fine from MLB?

Enjoy the parade.


turaso said...

Well done!
Matsuzaka and Okajima!

Without them, Red Sox woud not win the World Series!

paul said...

RE: People getting off of Theo's back.

His great post-season contributions notwithstanding, JD Drew is still a bust and Lugo has been average at best.

Theo's strength is scouting and drafting talent. He's still struggling when it comes to free agents. If he pulls off a blockbuster trade for Santana then maybe I'd be willing to cut him a little more slack.

However, you can't argue with the results. Two World Series titles in four years...not too shabby.

TBA said...

Some argue that J.D. Drew was a 14 million dollar grand slam in Game 6 of the ALCS. I guess it's best to accept him as he is...

Mark Lesses said...

Winning is the salve for all pains!