Saturday, October 20, 2007

Omen? You Heard It HERE (1144 PM EST)

Props to Curt Schilling for his Old Man River performance in picking up another post-season win. And to J.D. Drew, an unexpected hero with a grand slam and five RBI.

With Daisuke (DICE-K) Matsuzaka pitching Game 7 after the Sox win tonight, have the Sox received an omen with a 12-2 win?

The only dice combination that give a unique 12-2 score are a pair of sixes and a pair of ones. So there you have it.

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Patrick said...

In lou of superstitions:
I called my friend to watch the game tonight (I have no TV). He was at his girlfriends house, but I could go over there and watch the game. How do I get there? Easy, the house number is: 38