Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Tribal Council Friday

How does Red Sox Nation feel about the demise of the Bombers and the arrival of the Tribe? Maybe if the Nation understood the health issues of The Boss, they would have at least a modicum of empathy. Surely with a new stadium in the works, and loads of Yankee Bucks, New York isn't headed back to the early 70s.

As for the present, I rejoice in playing Cleveland, because of so many issues.
  • I'm worn out by the four and a half hour marathons that every Sox-Yankee games has become. How many times can we hear 'pitch count', 'full count', 'working the count', and 'quality at bat' during a game? I can go out and get gas and a coffee in the time a Kevin Youkilis at bat takes.
  • I don't have to listen to Yankee fans complain about insects.
  • I won't have to listen to Yankee fans complain about umpires.
  • We can focus on our young guys like Pedroia and Papelbon.
  • We can talk about some quality opposition pitching, Sabathia and Carmona.
  • We can reminisce about Eric Wedge, Trot Nixon, and Kelly Shoppach.
  • Manny can try to eclipse Bernie Williams' post-season home run record.
Things I really want to know.
  • Did one of Roger Clemens' delayed season openings ever represent a steroid suspension?
  • How good is Dustin Pedroia at ping pong? I'm guessing that he's really good.
  • Does he use the Western or the Eastern grip?
  • Will Sox fans think the Drew and Lugo acquisitions were good ones if they have more success in the playoffs?
  • What year will Grady Sizemore win the AL MVP?
  • Was Roger Clemens' pay this season the baseball equivalent of the Jon Koncak contract?
  • Did Papelbon drink any of that champagne, or just spill it?
  • How many current Red Sox players could end up becoming major league managers? Jason Varitek, Alex Cora, or Dustin Pedroia?
  • Will anyone give Terry Francona some credit for coping with the knucklehead players, media, front office, baseball operations computer statistics, and showing class since he's been here?

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The King said...

Fabulous post. Something tells me that Paps drank some bubblie... he deserved it.