Thursday, July 03, 2008

All-Star Team (and my candidate for write-in)

Who deserves to be on the AL All-Star team? Well, they won't all be there because of fan voting and because of the distribution requirements.

Baltimore - Sherrill (Roberts)
Boston - Papelbon, Youkilis, Pedroia, Ramirez, Drew
Chicago - Danks, Quentin, Pierzynski
Cleveland - Cliff Lee, Sabathia, Peralta
Detroit - Ordonez
KC - DeJesus (Grudzielanek)
Los Angeles - Saunders, F. Rodriguez (Guerrero)
Minnesota - Nathan, Maurer, Morneau
New York - Rivera, Damon, Rodriguez, Giambi
Oakland - Duchscherer, Harden
Seattle - Ichiro (Hernandez)
Tampa - Longoria (Upton, Crawford)
Texas - Kinsler, Bradley, Hamilton, Young
Toronto - Halladay (Marcum)

C - Maurer, Pierzynski
1B - Giambi, Youkilis, Morneau
2B - Kinsler, Pedroia (Roberts)
SS - Young, Peralta (Jeter)
3B - A-Rod, Longoria (Lowell)
OF - Hamilton, Quentin, Drew, Ichiro, Ramirez, Ordonez, DeJesus, Sizemore (Upton, Guerrero)
DH - Bradley

I've listed my choices, and yes, I know that Derek Jeter will be voted as the starting shortstop. He's making it on reputation so far. Tampa has been terrific, especially when you consider that Longoria MIGHT be their most productive player. I see him as a Troy Glaus-like player, but a core franchise-type guy. Brian Roberts and Placido Polanco are both worthy players, but I wouldn't be surprised if neither makes it.

J.D. Drew DESERVES to be on the team, not because of his numbers but because he carried the team with David Ortiz out. Ichiro is a dynamite player, but David Murphy has better numbers (really). Milton Bradley has to be there, and DH would be a good spot for 'Toys'. If Vlad Guerrero makes it, then that pushes out someone more deserving. Dustin Pedroia has a higher OPS than Vlad.

Yes, the Red Sox and Yankees get overrepresented, but that's what big money does.

If I could vote for a player whom I would WANT to make it, but is on the margin, that would be easy. JON LESTER, maybe the most improved player around, with a no-hitter, the complete game shutout tonight over the Yankees, fourth in innings and eighth in ERA.

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