Sunday, July 27, 2008

Manny: Going Places?

Has Manny Ramirez finally 'sat' his way out of Boston? Ultimately, it boils down to the Oprah question, "are you better off with him or without him?" Certainly, it 'feels' as though his production has declined, although only the Sox can know what metric they use.
From a Win Shares perspective, Manny's three year moving average seems to be declining.

The big question is how Manny's act plays in the clubhouse. Does the clubhouse leadership see Manny as a productive eccentric or a debilitating distraction?

And what do the Sox get for the enigmatic outfielder? With plenty of teams in contention for playoff spots, the Sox can hope to benefit from the "Winner's Curse" where teams overbid for perceived value. Everyone can envision Manny getting a fresh and productive start in their lineup.

Let's hope that the Sox have karma working for them. They certainly could use a little more pop in the lineup and consistency in the bullpen. But do you want to give up a Buchholz or Bowden for an Aaron Rowand or a front line package for Jason Bay? I don't know.

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