Monday, July 21, 2008

Sox Resume Second Half Tonight

Well, the All-Star break is over and the Red Sox will resume their second-half schedule at Seattle. The Sox hope to achieve a berth in the World Series for the third time in five seasons and have the home field advantage following the exciting 15 inning win over the NL.

Tonight, Washington local Jon Lester returns home to face the Mariners and help the Red Sox to second half success. Jed Lowrie is expected to start at short and Dustin Pedroia expected to have a multihit game.

Oh yeah, the Sox limped out of Anaheim, beaten to a pulp by the halos, with a lethal combination of weak hitting and untimely pitching breakdowns. Ugh.

Thank goodness it was either too late or I had something better to do. Anybody need a Red Sox Nation card?

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Anonymous said...

The tendency of the Sox to lose on the road is quite disturbing and must be remedied if they have any aspirations for the rest of the season. I also wonder if the extended season in 2007, the trip to Japan, and the better part of the team attending the All-Star game instead of resting might do them in.