Monday, July 07, 2008

Shake It Up

Dang, is this painful enough? The Sox can't seem to generate scoring threats without the generosity of the opposition, as a few meager hits and rarely a walk aren't getting it done. So, in the name of 'the backup quarterback' controversy, here's a suggested lineup with some whys.

CF Ellsbury - we're gonna live and die with the kid
2B Pedroia - a magical player who proves it over and over
RF Drew - All-Star and deserving it
1B Youkilis - Manny needs something different
3B Lowell - still close to .300 and driving in runners
DH Ramirez - does it say in his contract he hits third or fourth
LF Moss - the kid will hit if given the chance
C - Varitek - he's had some better swings tonight
SS - Cora - Lugo's had a good night defensively, although Youk saved him an error

Too many guys really struggling at the plate right now. David Ortiz can't get back soon enough.

Is it just me, or does Daisuke look like he's challenging hitters tonight? And isn't he throwing more fastballs?

Red Sox ERA by Month

April 4.27
May 3.66
June 3.61
July 3.48

Aw heck, what do I know anyway? Terry Francona's had the horseshoe hasn't he?

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