Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Run Out of Town

"Run out" has been an issue, as in running out ground balls, baserunning in general, but now it's Manny running himself out of town. Why I'd like Manny to find a new home? Manny's playing a child's game for princely money. Why not be happy? Manny's entitled to make as much money as he can with his next contract. The issue at hand is Manny playing out his contract with the effort and concentration 'expected'. Okay, so maybe expected for Manny is less than for some.

Why I'd like Manny to stay? First, he can hit, and second, he's not as bad defensively as you might think. He's probably as good as Jim Rice at playing the wall, and he usually catches what he can reach, unlike Gator Greenwell. But even more, I don't want to give Daniel (Dan lies as she hugs NY) Shaughnessy the satisfaction of saying HE forced Manny out of town. I don't like it when writers ("I'm a columnist not a writer") try to become the story instead of reporting the story.

The Angels look to be the class of the league after delivering the Sox another thumping. Of course, in a short series anything can happen. Their lineup with Kendrick and Kotchman hitting, and their small ball capabilities certainly warrant attention.

Joba (the Hun) Chamberlain. What is the matter with this Cro-Magnon? Major League Baseball needs to bring the righthander in for a trip to the woodshed and perhaps some psychiatric testing after yet another head-hunting adventure with Kevin Youkilis. I believe in 'karma' as in what goes around comes around. Are the powers that be oblivious to memories of Tony C and Kirby Puckett or are they just dragging their knuckles in deference to the Yankees? Higher powers have blessed Chamberlain with the stuff to be a big winner, but time will test him not only physically but mentally. Pitchers are entitled to work inside, but beanballs deserve sanctions before Chamberlain pitches himself out of active service.

Trade deadline approaching, will Sox stand pat? The Angels have just traded Casey Kotchman and a minor leaguer for Mark Teixeira. Although Kotchman is a future star, that certainly establishes the Angels as favorites in the AL. The biggest issue for the Sox is not necessarily acquiring more talent, but having the existing talent produce at a championship level.

The Sox certainly don't want to trade top prospects for suspects. They have plenty of players in demand (Buchholz, Bowden, Reddick, and others) but shouldn't settle for rentals if they are giving up potential stars, especially pitchers AND taking on salary.

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Anonymous said...

On Joba- he hasn't hit any red sox players - he's come close but close only counts in .....
On the other hand how many Red Sox pitchers over the years have clunked Yankees batters? Look it up, not even close. This is not a Yankee fan vs. Boston fan comment.. it is an observation from a regular baseball fan.
I enjoy watching Yankees/Red Sox ballgames for it's intensity. Been watching these games over 40 years, it's always been crazy. But if your going to cry about a close pitch, whether it be high or low- have your fact straight and be impartial. Do you remember Pedro? Now that he's in the National League he doesn't hit many batters at all, does he?