Wednesday, July 23, 2008


The Red Sox pitching staff has some 'erratic' performance today, especially defensively. Clay Buchholz falls down on a chopper, although he had enough athleticism to make the play, if the umpire makes the right call. Jonathan Papelbon plays greased pig with a chopper down the first base line in the eleventh. Craig Hansen shows how 'not to' field your position in the twelfth.

Ironically, it was Seattle fielding that turned the game around, however, as Seattle butchered a Kevin Youkilis gapper, and the Sox score three in the 12th to win, while Craig Hansen ekes out a save leaving the bases juiced.

Equally ironically, it was Jacoby Ellsbury igniting the rally, when he has struggled to get on base for what seems like weeks, leading off the twelfth. It shows the importance of the leadoff man's success.

Final irony, the Sox go to rainy Seattle for sunshine performance after the disappointing sweep by the Halos, and come home with a 3-3 trip.

Justin Masterson goes 2 2/3 strong innings tonight for the Sox in his first relief effort for the Sox. As noted by Remy, the hard slider down and in to the lefties (their blind spot) proved highly effective.

Sean Casey, the Mayor, filled in for Manny today, as Manny's saga of timely injury continues. Rumor has it the Mets want to trade half their minor league for Ramirez. Let's hope that Theo is at least charging his cell.

And Heidi, please stop pulling your hair's just not your best least you have choices!

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Anonymous said...

Enough with Manny being a prima donna;bailing out when the Sox play His 'Home Team'? Dump the slacker.
He's probably having beers with them now...tossing those long,dyed dreads. Gag.