Sunday, July 06, 2008

Replay Revealing

Shows how much tennis I watch (almost none)...the replay at Wimbledon was stunning in its simplicity and accuracy.

And as the Red Sox fritter away another late inning lead, Alex Cora couldn't even knock down a 99-hopper up the middle by the Yankee newboy. No matter, as Cano was about 30 feet from home plate anyway, and there's NO WAY Cora or Lugo throw him out from his knees sprawling to his left.

Tim Wakefield gets snakebitten again, and if A-Rod hustles, he can be at Madonna's celebrating by midnight. Dang.

I got my wish, sort of, that Manny got a day off. Only problem was he got into the game and never stopped vacation mode, taking three Rivera offerings for strikes. Sheesh.

Joba Chamberlain pitched reasonably well with the game evolving into a typical high pitch count marathon. He also chucked one behind Youkilis' thighs just to remind Youk who's the bigger fastmole.

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Dennis said...

I thought that the 3rd strike Manny watched go by was way too close to take. I know that the KZone showed it was outside, but it wasn't out by much.