Wednesday, July 30, 2008

What Was That?

The Red Sox are playing their worst baseball of the season tonight, for whatever reason. Totally lacking in crispness and execution, they look totally discombobulated, as we head into the trading deadline.

The Patriots would throw a marginal veteran over the side in response to such indifference, but the Red Sox have to weigh the 'panic' approach versus a realistic examination of their prospects.

Sometimes you need players to overachieve, and currently there are few certainties with this team, other than Manny being fanny. For a guy who has made a fortune and largely produced at a high level, he shows incredible bitterness and contempt for ownership. Who is he likely to hurt in the end? Guys like Terry Francona who has taken many a bullet for him, and in the end, himself. Only a handful of teams can hand out 15-20 million dollar a year deals, and most of them dogs frankly won't hunt. Maybe Scott Boras can sweet talk the Yankees into throwing Mad Money at Manny, but maybe not.

At least for now, moving Ramirez looks like addition by subtraction, as you've gotta feel the Sox would play with more heart with Brandon Moss in the lineup.

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Dennis said...

I would think that Manny or Scott Boras would think that have a "leader" or "Team Player" in the clubhouse instead of a "I'll sit when I want to" kind of player would lead to a greater payday at contract time. I can see Manny pulling this cr*p to get out of the contract, but who's going to sign a player to a long term deal if he's looking to leave every other year. I know he works hard everyday to play like he does, but Character should count for something, no?