Thursday, April 26, 2007

CSI : Crimson Sock Investigation

Gary Thorne's 'revelation' that Curt Schilling's bloody sock effected a cheap, cinematic trick borders not on the ridiculous but the absurd. But wait, we now have a potential cottage industry for psychological advantage imagery that the Red Sox can exploit.
Here's Jonathan Papelbon coming out of the bullpen, no machete at his side, just donning the Jason Voorhes goalie mask. Jason clearly represents one of Hollywood's best closers.
The Sox like to vary their uniforms, for obvious commercial reasons. They had the stupid new hat design, the Spring Training red shirts with blue cut outs, the Green Shirts the other day, and of course, the early season uniform above. Can you see Wily Mo in the suit? Maybe it's just wrong on Pedroia. That's intimidation.

"Zorro" batting gloves would be a nice touch. The logical figure to debut the gloves? "Don" Orsillo, from the broadcast booth.Now every 'trick' isn't going to work. The 'arrow through the head' just looks silly, and unless the Sox hoped to incapacitate the team through uncontrollable laughter, they really should eschew this prop.

Calf implants give that 'jacked' look, but I'm not sure that would translate into intimidation.

The Sox remain on the cutting edge of imagery, with Tom Werner of Hollywood, Theo 'Master of Disguise' Epstein, and John 'Cost is No Object' Henry. They would never resort to anything as tawdry as a painted sock or Red Sox Nation cards. Well, not the sock.

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