Monday, April 09, 2007

Why JV Always Will Be Varsity

Last season Jason Varitek went over the 1000 career games mark with the Red Sox. All Sox fans appreciate his contribution to the team, from his leadership to his study of the game and assiduous preparation.

We remember those masterpieces caught with Pedro, and the triple against the Cardinals. We remember how you gave up your body landing in the fungo circle, and blocking the plate, especially against Eric Byrnes. And of course, we remember the "tough glove" administered to that petulant Bomber, A-Rod.

We also know what our lying eyes tell us, that Jason is pressing badly at the plate. Whether it's injury or fatigue-related, Varitek's bat speed is lagging, and the bat head just isn't whipping through the contact zone. Relax.

I'm sure that everyone has a solution - open your stance, get an eye examination, raise your back elbow, ya da ya da. Here's my suggestion, take a day off from the cage and the extra hitting, maybe watch something hilarious like Caddyshack on DVD (heck, you must have Blu-Ray) and lighten up.

Also, excepting this missive, don't read the papers, check ESPN,, or especially listen to sports radio. Don't talk to the paperboy or the mailman, or the cashier at Stop & Shop.

But if worse to worse, you can always remember Mickey Mantle's advice to Roger Maris when it all got to him, "hit 'em with your wallet."

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