Monday, April 23, 2007

"Mean" Reversion

A baseball season has its ups and downs, and almost predictably, the Red Sox dropped a 7-3 decision to the Blue Jays, coming off a five game losing streak of their own. So the symmetry of streaks fell with the Red Sox.

Frank Thomas, a Hall of Fame hitter, struck the big blow with a Volvo Sign smash off loser Tim Wakefield, whom the Sports Radio Gang fantasized would be starting the season 15-1, a la 1995.

Just as you may read some idiotic comments here, they fly like an eagle out of Nitwit Radio. After lambasting Joe Morgan for his broadcasting, Gerry Callahan immediately followed with a non sequitur that Coco Crisp's effort on A-Rod's homer was more impressive because he didn't catch the ball. Maybe Gerry was the one who hit his head on that one.

On a sad note, author David Halberstam who wrote October 1964, Education of a Coach, and other terrific books, died today in an automobile crash. Halberstam told stories of sports in the context of life, the former about the Yankees-Cardinals classic 1964 season and the latter reviewed Bill Belichick's evolution.

Sports gives us 'breathing room' from life's travails. For a few hours a day, we can forget about our problems, and focus on somebody else's. Our heroes triumphs allow us to share their victories. Our imperfections seem smaller when stars align in our teams' favor or the great ones have clay feet.

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