Thursday, April 05, 2007


Called it. Almost. A seven inning one run performance by Daisuke Matsuzaka, with generally clean relief by J.C. Romero and a dominating close (the cheapie three run lead variety) by Jonathan Papelbon gave the Sox a series win.

And winning series is the way to do it. Matsuzaka overpowered a KC lineup devoid of Mike Sweeney racking up ten strikeouts en route to his first major league win. And Doug Mientkiewicz won´t be around to abscond with the baseball, now that he´s shagging in Gotham.

The Sox offense isn´t in high gear, but spread around eleven hits, enough to bring around four runs, although so far sounding more like Deliverance`s dueling banjos than the 1812 Overture Sox fans anticipate.

And now it´s on to Texas, which ín the Happy Gilmour tradition hasn´t always been a happy place for the Sox. My theory is that the road winning percentage is inversely proportional to the number of strip joints available, with Arlington being a recognized center of cultural nihilism.

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