Sunday, April 22, 2007

Truth About Cats and Dogs?

No Red Sox pair of wins over the Bronx Bombers can create disappointment. Moreover, we've seen virtually apocalyptic events over the past forty-eight hours.

First, the Red Sox had consecutive bunt base hits. We're not talking Freddy Patek and Willie Wilson here. We're talking the Boston Red Sox. Second, the Sox had a pair of two-run deficits erased in consecutive innings against their AL East rivals. I guess 'it happens' applies.

Maybe we shouldn't be surprised. Spending money like drunken sailors (as a former Navy doctor I know something about this), the Sox have a premium price rotation, and the 'luxury' of economy at only a few positions, specifically first and second base. We used to lampoon the Spankees for their pecuniary propensities, but the Sox aren't any different.

Pleasant developments category. Jason Varitek has regained his confidence and Coco Crisp has embraced his speed with bunt basehits, stolen bases, and solid defense. I doubt that he's looking over his shoulder, but Crisp might note that Jacoby Ellsbury is hitting .475 at Portland in limited action so far. To paraphrase what I've written elsewhere, "we second-guess a stupid manager and celebrate a manager whose decisions keep working." Talent goes a long way to training up managerial IQ. And good starting pitching works better than dining on seafood to build brain cells. I've been in Francona's corner for keeping the success and the problems in-house. No doubt managers who don't end up in the outhouse.

A couple of good wins and better weather hasn't hurt my enthusiasm for the National Pastime.

Question marks.

I've already eaten plenty of crow over the Julio Lugo acquisition, although the site remains anonymous. But my skepticism over the other half of the DP combo (Pedroia) remains undaunted. I don't consider Julian Tavarez as a 5th starter much of a question mark, because who among us can name all the 5th starters of even the AL East. Heck, I don't even know if the Gothamaniacs have a clue whom their fifth starter even is.

While we all anticipate the return of Jon Lester and wish him the best in life, Lester has great potential and a short resume'.

When Lester does return, who goes? The sample size is small, but it doesn't take so much to see through our lying eyes. JC Romero lives on the bubble.

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